Another area of focus: that infotainment system and the car’s software, given there have been reports of customers experiencing software issues (with both the infotainment and the car’s systems).

So far I’ve experienced a few issues when my iPhone has been connected via wireless Apple CarPlay, but that could be down to wonky Bluetooth on my phone.

Still, those will be things to watch in the weeks ahead. And if they seem like quite minor aspects for a longterm test car, it’s because they are: but when the success of a model has been built on how well balanced it is, issues with minor aspects can easily throw that balance off.

Our expectations are high, in other words. But they should be: this is a Golf, after all. Its success isn’t built on bold promises or grand revolutions – but on being a Golf.

Second Opinion

I’ll have to echo James’s comments on the use of touch sliders and controls in the new Golf – the climate functions are hugely awkward to operate without faffing with voice control. You get used to them but, frankly, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s a shame, because the Mk7 Golf was a paragon of ergonomic excellence.

Lawrence Allan

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Volkswagen Golf 1.5 TSI Life DSG specification

Specs: Price New £26,455 Price as tested £33,830 OptionsDynamic Chassis Control £950, carpet mats £100, Discover Navigation Pro infotainment £1600, IQ Lights LED headlights £1750, panoramic sunroof £1000, keyless entry £400, curtain airbag £335, Harman Kardon audio system £625, Lime Yellow metallic paint £625

Test Data: Engine 4 cyls in line, 1498cc, turbocharged, petrol, plus 48V BISG Power 148bhp at 5000-6000rpm Torque 184lb ft at 1500-3500rpm Kerb weight 1291kg Top speed 139mph 0-62mph 8.4sec Fuel economy 48.2mpg CO2 133g/km Faults None Expenses None