Vauxhall has given its designers “a free remit” to overhaul the styling of its models, according to UK managing director Steve Norman, as the brand looks to bring back a golden age of design.

Norman said at today’s Autocar Business Live online seminar: “We need to make vehicles that have much greater sex appeal than we have done for the last couple of decades. It’s a good while, for example, since we’ve had a car like the Calibra.”

Talking about the new Vauxhall Mokka, Norman said: “It is essential that we give our designers a free remit to get us back on the front foot, which is what [chief designer] Mark Adams has done with the new Mokka. There are cues which relate to the heritage of the brand but, regardless, it is a good-looking car. It’s a good long time since we’ve said that about a Vauxhall.”

A key design feature of the Mokka, which is offered in petrol, diesel and electric variants, is the new Vizor front-end design, which will be rolled out across the rest of the British brand’s range in due course.

On the topic of evolving models, Norman added: “My experience with volume car manufacturers is that every couple of product cycles, there needs to be a major change in design. When you evolve design on a kaizen basis for too many product cycles, eventually the customer turns away and looks for something fresher. I think there are all sorts of examples of that in the industry today.”


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