Whats it feel like?

On UK roads and with the right-hand drive, I would be a particularly sad driver who would not savour a cross-country explosion in this car. Its true that you can have more fun behind the wheel in one of the smallest, slimmest, central-engine options available for Supra money but, for reasons well get to, not everyone wants one of those. If you can bear the price of this car – given that you can have an Alpine A110 or a Porsche 718 Cayman S (or even a BMW M2 Competition with a lot more power) for less money, its a considerable “yes” – theres a very good chance youll like it a lot.

The new performance of GR Supra doesnt leave much to chance. The handling may not be as agile and delicate as in an Alpine A110, but the Supras six-cylinder in-line BMW source engine would make the little one work faster at full throttle. Its a smooth, torque sensitive, freewheeling engine, just like any BMW with the M40i badge; and although you may prefer a little more genuine combustion noise in sports mode, and a little less digital manipulation of engine noise, its very difficult to get on any other front.

The Supra could be even faster than Toyota says. The specification sheet sets the maximum speed at an electronically limited speed of 155 mph. On a test track, however, it reached 160 miles per hour pretty fast – and was ready for more.

A cabin full of what many will instantly recognize as BMW components certainly seems curiously anti-Toyota. Especially when it gets dark, in fact, when Toyotas badge on the Supra steering wheel is not illuminated, but all of Munichs knobs, rods and secondary switches are.

However, if you can overlook the details (and sports car drivers have so often been convinced to do exactly that in exchange for a car of genuine rhythm, balance and emotion), the Supra certainly has the right fundamentals. The driving position of the car is good – low, straight, comfortable and well supported – the controls are well arranged, the digital indicators are legible, the perceived quality of the cabin is more than acceptable for the class and, although storage in the cabin is a bit mean, a very good sized boot is provided.

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