What is this: a mid-range SUV with adult handling? Before BMW started making SUVs, the idea would have been on the verge of laughter, but the BMW X3 has a very attractive design, and much more.

The X3 has both gasoline and powertrains with a great appeal to the driver, even if not very refined when pushed, but in all other areas, the X3 is the winner, and a second ranked for its proximity to the Audi Q5. The standard equipment is a little insufficient in some levels of finish, but the perceived quality of the car is above almost all others, while its behavior on the road is difficult to reproach, even in tyres without air.

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Jaguars first SUV is a great vehicle, with extraordinary handling, plenty of cabin space and a look that has made it the best-selling model in the Jaguar range.

There are one or two details that detract from the overall driving experience: among them, some four-cylinder diesel engines without distinction, a hesitant automatic gearbox and a little nervousness and noise in certain specifications. There is room for improvement, too, in the direction of the car. But for a first-generation Jaguar SUV, the F-Pace is a car of fine maneuverability and a very worthy achievement, and places it in an impressive third place, even above its cousin Land Rover Discovery Sport.

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The Discovery Sport may be an entry-level Land Rover in the range of showrooms, but it does not fall short in terms of the capacity, comfort or charm of the Land Rover brand.

The Discovery Sport is higher than many of its rivals, offers better visibility and 4×4 capability than many, and feels more like a traditional SUV than some; although, at this last point, Land Rover has done very well to make it operate in such a tidy way, it has a practical interior – a great selling point in this segment. And despite being one of the oldest cars in the class, its far from feeling long in the tooth.

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