Still, this car behaves like a big four-door saloon with a lot of torque to deploy; its only a tenth of a second slower than the old CLS 63 S from 30 to 70 mph through the gears, and has a very convincing initial throttle response in fact.

Driving and handling arent as hard as on the Mercedes-AMG V8 models, but thats the point. This is a car with a genuine ability of almost 40mpg and a driving experience refined and quiet enough to serve as a German bahnstormer or as a long-distance GT with good manners. And it does quite well.

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8.Alpine B7

Like its little brother, the B5, Alpinas B7 is a car designed for those who want to travel incredibly fast, but in a comfortable and relatively discreet way.

Although this is a car designed to travel long distances at high speed on the highway, it can still drive more difficult roads, with adaptive air suspension that mitigates body roll impressively.

However, there is one complaint: the address. We didnt like how vague it was in the home stretch, and the weight gain in Comfort mode doesnt inspire a great deal of confidence. Still, like a fast, luxurious limousine, there are many things you may like.

9. Performance of Tesla Model S

We couldnt leave her out. Slightly over-insulated controls, under-developed limit handling behaviour and a chassis with air suspension that does not communicate particularly well are undoubtedly disappointments that we have noticed on both occasions that we have tested the Tesla Model S on the road


However, you may well decide you dont care about those things when you get caught up in the idea of a four-door, zero-emission, mid-size saloon with more than 600 horsepower and 700 lbs of torque; a battery range of close to 400 miles on charge; and a performance of 0-62 mph that Tesla says can be as low as 3.0 seconds when the battery is fully charged and the conditions are right. Weve never timed a Model S so fast; but weve never timed this model.

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