Like the Seat Arona, the Captur presents a style with two-tone painting options, with a bit of the interior versatility of a minivan. As for style, its much more supermini than a sturdy SUV. In terms of price, its in the middle of the segment.

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4.Mazda CX-3

Mazdas compact crossover is one of the most manageable on the market, but has a little less space – both in the trunk and in the back row – than the norm of the class, and a high price compared to more practice-oriented competitors. It is also pretty, with a nice exterior and a well equipped interior.

Diesel engines are not as tidy and manageable as gasoline, although they are energetic and frugal; although most in this class are with a gasoline engine in any case.

This makes this Mazda a bit difficult to sell when you consider the relative four-figure savings over similar and better rivals, but it is still a car we like for good reasons.

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Audi Q2

Audi has become the first triumvirate of the German premium brand to launch its cap on the compact crossover ring, and has done so much more convincingly with the Q2 than Mercedes-Benz or BMW, over the years, when it has attempted to miniaturize a high-end SUV.

Dont expect off-road dexterity, especially since you dont expect cars like this one, as few offer four-wheel drive. However, you wont be disappointed by the Q2s luxurious interior, alternative style or surprisingly sharp handling.

Countryman Minis may be the best fashion option for some buyers, but its a much less polished package than Audis cat hatch. Much more expensive than supermini-SUV suspects, but cheaper than its premium rivals, the Q2 is among the top five in its class.

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