5.Volkswagen e-Golf

Perhaps the greatest complement with which you can pay the e-Golfis that feels like any other Golf. It occupies the same dimensions as other seventh-generation five-door models; plus a slight reduction in boot space due to underfloor lithium-ion batteries, its just as practical; and can be purchased for less than £30,000 after the governments purchase incentive, making it as expensive as a mid-high end Golf with a petrol or diesel engine.

The e-Golf is powered by a 134bhp engine that delivers 199lb ft of torque, with 33.2kWh of usable battery capacity offering a demanded NEDC range of up to 186 miles; which is more like 120- in real-world use.

The performance is as strong as you would expect in any five-door car, and considerably better at city speed, while the cars handling disguises its mass in a very clever way and its practicality is strong.

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6. BMW i3

The i3 has a rare quality for an electric car: a multifaceted appeal. You may want one because of its appearance, or because of the animated form, which involves the way you drive; and either way, you may not really care much that it is electric, such is the power of the cars various lures.

While the i3s short wheelbase can make you feel a little nervous on motorways, its sharp manoeuvrability allows it to thrive in the urban environment for which it was designed.

The 168 bhp electric motor (which in the i3S reaches 181 bhp) offers maximum torque at zero revs and, therefore, although the maximum speed of the car is only 99 mph, it has great performance, which would not embarrass a car with a hot tailgate.

The use of that performance impacts the cars true electric range, although the addition of a 42.2kWh battery in early 2019 has finally brought the i3 through the 150-mile barrier into real-world range.

Until recently, BMW offered a version to expand the range with a reserve gasoline engine, but in 2018 stopped manufacturing the i3 REX.

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