Citroën has confirmed that next month it will present a new concept car with a vision of the future.

On the occasion of the 100 years of existence of the French firm, the model, still unnamed, will follow the Ami One, which was presented last month at the Geneva Motor Show. While it is expected to be a low-cost, quad-class city car, the new concept is expected to be full-size.

It will be presented in the coming weeks, just before its public debut at an innovation event at Pariscalled VivaTech on May 16. Few details have been published, but Citroën calls it “100% electric and autonomous object with artificial intelligence”.

It also states that the concept “symbolizes ultra comfort and offers a unique travel experience on board. Expect a more extravagant exterior appearance as a foretaste of the companys future, also with the promise of “exceptional style”.

Citroën also intends to use VivaTech to present PSAs mobility brand, Free2Move, which explores transportation solutions both inside and outside cities. The Ami One will also reappear when Citroën seizes every opportunity to showcase a century of innovation.

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