The ambitions of the Sterrato are clear: a significant suspension elevation of 47 mm and a 30 mm track increase allow it to cross rocky terrain, while the 20-inch wheels and widened arches give it a useful look, with the image completed by the incorporation of LED light bars in the roof and bumper.

The concept tyres have been specially developed with a thick sidewall and wide shoulders to reduce the risk of damage and improve traction on loose surfaces.

A rear slide plate protects the exhaust system and acts as a diffuser at high speed, while a similar unit at the front protects the aluminium reinforcements of the chassis. Carbon fibre has been used for the mudguards and the engine is protected from debris by a new composite panel.

Inside, the Sterrato features a titanium roll cage, four-point racing seats, new carbon fiber seats and aluminum floor panels.

Maurizio Reggiani, technical director of Lamborghini, said: “Hurricane Terrato illustrates Lamborghinis commitment to be a future shaper. Asuper sports cars Sterrato with off-road capabilities demonstrates the versatility of the Hurricane and opens the door to another benchmark in driving emotion and performance.

While a manageable example of the Sterrato has been built, a spokesman said there are no plans to put the model into production, although public reception and response to the car will be monitored when it starts making public appearances.

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