Road test date 2.3.11 Test number 5000 Peak power 1183bhp at 6400rpm Kerb weight 1995kg Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport PAX 0-60mph 2.6sec 0-100mph 5.0sec Quarter mile 10.1sec at 147.9mph

15th – Ariel Atom V8

Lap time: 1min 8.4sec

Road test date 10.8.11 Test number 5024 Peak power 475bhp at 10,500rpm Kerb weight 650kg Tyres Toyo Proxes R888 0-60mph 3.0sec 0-100mph 5.7sec Quarter mile 11.2sec at 134.2mph

Tied 12th – Ferrari 458 Speciale

Lap time: 1min 8.3sec

Road test date 20.8.14 Test number 5179 Peak power 597bhp at 9000rpm Kerb weight 1445kg Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 0-60mph 3.6sec 0-100mph 6.8sec Quarter mile 11.1sec at 130.1mph

Tied 12th – McLaren 650S Spider

Lap time: 1min 8.3sec

Road test date 30.7.14 Test number 5176 Peak power 641bhp at 7250rpm Kerb weight 1490kg Tyres Pirelli P Zero Corsa 0-60mph 3.2sec 0-100mph 6.3sec Quarter mile 11.0sec at 135.2mph

McLarens like it best if you trail their brakes right to the apex, because this quells the understeer that they all to an extent suffer from. But the circuit layout we chose deliberately doesn’t always allow the same cornering style – particularly the really long, really fast left-hander, which shows up high-speed stability issues.

Even so, the 650S Spider was exceptionally fast, even on slightly worn tyres. (One last set went unused because we don’t get the circuit all day and the car turned up late.) Still, with the McLaren techs thinking there was a little more left in the bag, our track time was up, but this drop-top would match the more track-focused Ferrari 458 Speciale coupé.

Tied 12th – Mercedes-AMG GT R

Lap time: 1min 8.3sec

Road test date 10.5.17 Test number 5319 Peak power 577bhp at 6250rpm Kerb weight 1665kg Tyres Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 0-60mph 3.6sec 0-100mph 7.3sec Quarter mile 11.5sec at 128.6mph