The Model 3 line begins with the Standard Range Plus range of 38,900 pounds sterling, with its unique engine and range of 258 miles. The Long Rangevariant adds a second engine and starts at 47,900 pounds sterling, but it is the performance of the 56,900 pound sterling model 3 that we are driving here, complete with a sporty suspension, a 75 kWh battery and its twin engines (one front and one rear) that produce 444 hp and 471 lb. of torque on all four wheels.
Its a version weve tried before, but admit that another opportunity to drive a car as smooth as a gas turbine that generates virtually no noise in the powertrain while running 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds (and can reach 167 mph) is not the second prize.
We drove on roads outside Londons M25 orbital which we often use for driving comfort tests. It immediately became apparent that the Model 3, despite its sporty suspension, felt very good. Flat, firm, controlled. The car has a long wheelbase, so its main course is very good. Its damping is a little less sophisticated, so there was quite a bit of noise on the surface at the worst of our test route, but it was by no means as bad as the worst.
You sit about 50 mm higher than most saloons (theres a battery underneath), so you notice the body swinging in the very hard corners, but the car grips very well, at least on the dry roads we find, and in the neutral curves. Better yet, the suspension is completely free of the fight of the wheels in the engine curves (fault of the cheapest electric rivals) and the car seems to have an immaculate suspension geometry, so the steering wheel remains firm in the hands – so the car always feels brilliantly stable – even when it is actually pressed. The braking sensation, a failure of previous models, is powerful and intuitive.
Steering is very precise if it is a lifeless shadow against the best. There are three effort options on the rim (the lighter Comfort mode allows subtler control, we find), but the car is always easy to maneuver. The pillars of the front screen are thick tree trunk, but there is a simplicity in the fascia (all functions, including opening the glove box, are selected by touch from the large central screen), leaving a feeling of lightness and simplicity of driving.

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