The Vision iV production will also be sold with a selection of three battery packs and two engine configurations. This is in line with other VW Group electric cars being built at MEB, such as Volkswagens next identification hatch.

The 49, 60 and 82kWh battery packs will be introduced throughout the life of the vehicle, with the largest battery offering a range of 300 WLTP miles. The model will be launched with the 49kWh battery and another, but has not yet been decided.

As standard, the Vision iV will be single-engine rear-wheel drive, but higher specification models will be offered with a front-mounted engine that provides all-wheel drive.

Maier says the two-engine version is “more agile” than the single-engine model. To keep costs down, the Vision iV will not have a reduction gearbox, which could increase maximum speed. “Thats why we limit it to 112 mph. Not having a separate gearbox will be very good for the cost of the vehicle,” Maier said.

The head of Skoda Bernhard Maier in…

Use of iV badge for electric cars

“All of our electric and electrified vehicles will have the iV suffix, including the Kodiaq and the Superb plug-in hybrid. Its not easy to find the right label for new technologies. There are already many names used by the competition.”

The final name of the Vision iV

“The name is not very clear. We are still working on it. We have some really interesting ones, which fit perfectly into our general nomenclature.

Launch of 10 electric vehicles for 2022

“Our basket is full of arrows. I hope you all hit the nail on the head. We have a total of 30 new models for the year 2022. This is a truly amazing product offensive.

The possibility of a hot crossover from Kamiq vRS

“We havent decided. There could be an opportunity, but we have to decide which is the most important priority. As things stand, we cant produce enough cars.

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