In addition to the two slots of your conventional roof-mounted bike rack, the Velo can carry a third bicycle in a custom cot mounted in the trunk, in the name of greater safety and protection against the elements.

Included with the Velo is a Follow Me drone, which can be configured to follow a cyclist through their ride and capture photos, before returning to a magnetic landing pad mounted on the custom hood. Any recorded material can be immediately uploaded to the Internet, thanks to Velos built-in Wi-Fi access point.

Additional connectivity comes in the form of Skodas emergency call function, which can be activated to send the vehicle location immediately to Skoda for urgent assistance.

The Karoq Velo is a unique concept that is not intended for sale, but in the coming months will be used as a vehicle to support cycling.

Skoda recently unveiled the Mountiaq, a version of Kodiaqs largest SUV, which was built by students from the companys vocational academy.

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