Everything about Pure ETCR is a bit different and it’s fun – but don’t just take our word for it.

Tom Chilton is a WTCC veteran who’s racing this year for Hyundai in Pure ETCR and in Ciceley Motorsport’s BMW 3 Series saloon in the British Touring Car Championship. “With these short, exciting Battles, it’s not a case of waiting until the tyres and brakes start wearing out and then figuring out where your rivals are weaker and where you’re stronger; you haven’t got much time for that,” says the 36-year-old Brit when we catch up with him the day before the races.

“You’ve just got to exist on your instincts, and I like that. That’s how I race and how I’ve had to race, spending my time in some of the most competitive touring car championships in the world. I will get only three to five laps of practice before I go into my race tomorrow, yet I haven’t raced here at the Hungaroring for five or six years. I have to get my braking points perfect on my first lap out of the box.”

What’s his Veloster N ETCR like to race, then? “The cars are heavy, which you have to bear in mind when you’re racing and when you’re calculating your moves,” he answers.

“The Power Up boost feature is what makes it really exciting. There will be some people leading at the beginning who will get overtaken at the end. You get 40 seconds of the extra 200kW [268bhp], and if you just use it on the main straight here, that’s 10 seconds for three-lap races, but you might want to use it on other bits of the circuit. Where and when you use it counts: if you can force someone to use more and earlier than you, you can use yours to get them at the end. At Aragón, there’s a kink that’s easy flat, but not with Power Up. It’s then totally different, because you have so much more power and suddenly 900Nm [664lb ft] of torque. It’s incredible, and it makes the racing exciting.”