Flatter = best

The fact that Aquablade was built with a flat blade instead of a traditional wiper blade is not a mistake.

Traditional wipers have four to eight pressure points between the windshield wiper and the windshield. Flat blades, on the other hand, have hundreds of contact points, which help create more consistent pressure along the entire length of the windshield wiper.

The result is smoother, quieter cleaning as well as better cleaning performance, especially during torrential rain, when windscreen wiper speeds are higher and the frequency is more intense, but clear vision is essential.

Flat cleaning brushes are also more stylish and aerodynamic, contributing to improved fuel economy. Plus, they look better.

Facilitate the purchase of leaves

Valeo has not only thought about the technology that makes the blades work. Quality manufacturing processes ensure that Valeo blades are more durable and durable, providing more consistent performance and increasing blade life between replacements.

In addition, Valeos simplified packaging and in-line tools make it easier than ever to find and assemble the right part. Each Valeo Service wiper package contains a clear list of vehicles for which this particular wiper blade is compatible, as well as a QR code that links to an online tool.

Valeo Service wipers are also quick and easy to install and are often replaced in seconds. Simple step-by-step assembly instructions on the packaging, as well as a series of online instruction videos, make the process even easier for beginners in car maintenance.

So the next time you think about replacing your windshield wipers, its worth visiting Valeo Service to find out how much theyve reinvented the wiper blade.

You can find Valeo Service replacement wiper blades at street or online auto parts stores and local workshops. Alternatively, for more information, go to valeoservice.co.uk.

* Based on European new vehicle market 2017

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