Will and Gus lament that modern cars lack room for manoeuvre. “The Audi A2 was the first car I remember with a plastic cover on the engine and holes for oil and water,” says Gus. “Todays manufacturers dont want you to look under the hood. There is nothing to be gained by involving people in the maintenance of the car”

But Flipping Bangers is not just for experienced enthusiasts. “There will always be an enthusiastic audience,” Will says. “The key is to attract the young or the novice – the kind of people who dont realize that their 80s Ford Escort is a classic, and probably think its just a bunch of junk. But old cars are still great.

After a first successful start, Flipping Bangers returns for a second 10 episode race – starting this Friday April 26th at 9pm on BLAZE ® . So we asked Will and Gus to choose the moments they should see from series two.

Episode 1 – MGB (April 26): Things start with an explosion. Will and Gus discover a nice car, but soon discover problems that require major rethinking. “The classic story of a classic car,” says Gus. “It looks like a bargain. Once you start sniffing, its a world of pain. Apart from the engine and gearbox, everything was wrong.

Episode 3 – Austin Maestro MG (May 10): Gus and Will want a classic British sports car, but they settle for something more modest. The final results are something to see. “The Maestro was a car that was widely defamed by the press and the public,” says Gus. “But I think they are good cars, and this turned out to be something special.

Episode 4 – SuzukiSJ (May 17): Will and Gus go off the beaten track with a cheap 4×4. Off-road means barro, and a major cleaning of the Suzuki exposes a number of other problems, but the results live up to ambitions. “With Suzuki, we were able to do exactly what we had planned,” Will says. “And we had a great rest day on it.”

Episode 5 – Morris Minor (May 24): Like the MGB, Will and Gus face a world of welding problems and a race against the clock, budget and enthusiasm with this iconic classic. “Welding runs out of time, but it also runs out of energy,” says Gus. “It can be exhausting to cut and grind.” The Morris can be a proof of love, but the results are worth it.

Episode 6 – Skoda Estelle (May 31): “I love Skodas,” says Will. “When I was young, everyone took the microphone away from them, but we managed to find a good example.” The construction is not without its problems – thanks to some fuel problems of East Block . But some innovative ideas on the outside give it a new life.

Episode 8 – Volkswagen Beetle (June 14): As youd expect with a motoring icon, its hard to find good cheap examples. Gus and Will find a project car at a price of £1,000, but it hasnt been well maintained. “The VW beetle was difficult,” Will says. “We had a plan with big intentions, and then we had to change it.” The question is: will they be forced to sell it as spare parts or will they be able to do something spectacular?

Episode 10 – SAAB 99 (June 28): The perfect car for the perfect end – a little classic Scandi-car. “The Saab was very difficult to know what to do with it, because it was at the end of its days,” says Gus. “But we genuinely gave that car a new lease on life.”

Episodes of Flipping Bangers that are broadcast at 21:00 hours every Friday on the open channel BLAZE® , starting on April 26. BLAZE ® is available at Freeview 63, Freesat 162, Sky 565 and Virgin Media 216. More information at www.blaze.tv

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