German prosecutors have raided the offices and homes of several senior Porsche officials in Germany as part of an investigation into irregular payments and information leaks.

The raids, which took place on Tuesday, May 28, focused on Porsches headquarters in Zuffenhausen and its engineering base in Weissach.

Baden-Württemberg prosecutors carried out the raids after initiating an investigation into a tax official suspected of leaking confidential information to a Porsche AG tax advisor in exchange for favors. It is also suspected that Porsche managers make “disproportionate” payments to a member of the Porsche works council.

The defendants include six current employees, including several Porsche executives, according to a statement from the Stuttgart prosecutors office.

“We are investigating whether Porsche employees can be held responsible for bribes and false statements,” said chief prosecutor Heiner Römhild.

The raids, which involved 10 lawyers from the Stuttgart public prosecutors office and 167 other members of the Baden-Württemberg state criminal police, the Stuttgart police and tax investigators from Stuttgart, Aalen, Karlsruhe and Ludwigsburg, also took place in private residences of Porsche employees in Karlsruhe, Ostalbkreis and Pforzheim.

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