Therefore, it is good to report that the Panamera GTS adapts to smaller roads and with more bumps well enough, so it has a very respectable mix of driving and maneuverability. Respectable, but not fascinating. Still, its a two-tonne car. What do you expect?

The Panamerais stands out on a motorway, has a sliding and linear direction everywhere (that element is really very good) and covers the poorest roads with the characteristic air spring and a fine control of the bodywork.

But it feels wide, no matter how well Porsche did it. The four-wheel drive system is still tilted back almost all the time, but its not known on the road, where grip and traction are, in the dry, unlimited in all rational aspects. But we are still arriving at our destination a little sooner than expected.

Its funny to drive this car the same week that Jaguar confirmed its going to stop making the XJ. The great Jaguar, in its fastest form, has a spirit similar to that of the Porsche, but from another decade onwards in its approach to interior technology. However, we suspect that it travels, drives and gets better involved on poor quality roads. A feature of where both cars develop, perhaps; Porsche needs to make a car in which you can sneeze at 180 mph without him noticing.

Far from the handling, the engine of the Panamera is strong (although an AMG unit is more exciting), but the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox does not always allow for really relaxed progress, especially when combined with a start/stop system that compromises a really smooth deceleration to a stop. In our opinion, a fully automatic system would be smoother, and occasionally there is an unnecessary reduction in highway speed when torque does the job. On the contrary, you are inclined to want more control in the city, where the car prefers to drag it when you wouldnt, so you take the shovels with you.

Inside, the quality of the material is excellent and the large digital screens, although they require acclimatization, have everything that can be needed for their presentation, while there are hard buttons for the essentials.

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