Just as quick as you’d ever need it to be, that’s for sure. It may not be the most powerful Macan out there, but it’s unlikely you’ll really notice out on the road. 

Our Sport Chrono Package-equipped car felt every bit as quick as its claimed 4.7sec 0-62mph suggests it should, with its V6 delivering heroic acceleration right through the rev range. Its aggressive and pleasingly feral-sounding snarl is accentuated very nicely by its standard-fit sports exhaust, while the hot-vee positioning of its turbochargers and sharpened seven-speed PDK gearbox deliver swift throttle response and quick-fire shifts.

So it’s very easy to find yourself travelling really very quickly. And thanks to those suspension tweaks, the fitment of Porsche’s clever torque-vectoring PTV Plus differential, an accurate, communicative steering rack and rear-biased all-wheel traction, maintaining that pace through corners isn’t a task that’ll faze the Macan GTS too greatly, either.

Faster bends will result in a bit of body roll, even in Sport Plus mode, but such movements arrive in an exceptionally controlled fashion. Grip levels are very high, and the steering gives you a reassuringly clear idea of how the outside tyres are loading up and responding to the surface under wheel. It doesn’t feel quite as energetic or immediate in its responses as, say, an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, but neither is it uninvolving or dull in the way it reacts to you getting your foot down. In fact, the sense of sure-footedness that underwrites its impressive dynamism only heightens its appeal as an everyday performance SUV.

So, too, does its ride quality. There’s a firmness, but it never feels agitated or as though it’s about to run away from itself on harsher surfaces. In fact, the manner in which you can sense its suspension working to keep its wheels in contact with the road and its body level as you nail it down an undulating stretch of B-road is pretty incredible. As is the fact that it won’t make you wince as you hit a rut or bump, even when everything is dialled up into Sport Plus mode.

Then when you decide you want to chill out and take it easy, it turns back into a liveable and well-mannered family SUV. There is a small amount of fidgeting that’s detectable out on the motorway, and you’ll hear its air suspension working away over bumps at low speed, but in no way is it uncomfortable. Tyre roar and wind noise aren’t much of an issue, either.