The first-generation Porsche Cayenne has been given an official rally-inspired makeover to promote a new range of personalisation options for older Porsche models.

A pair of Cayennes have been restyled and upgraded by the in-house Porsche Classic division, gaining skid plates, chunky off-road tyres, rally-style wheels and spotlights, as well as new retro-inspired decal packs, which are the only parts currently available to order from Porsche. The black car even features a collapsible roof tent. 

The custom wheels, mud flaps and roof baskets aren’t yet available through the Classic division, although Porsche says these parts are “currently being tested for feasibility.” 

The original Cayenne features an all-wheel drive system with a dynamic centre differential lock, which, Porsche says, gives the car “exceptional off-road properties”. Porsche Classic’s makeover is intended to showcase the SUV’s 4×4 credentials. 

Porsche will display the cars at selected events in order to “obtain feedback from customers and fans and take this into account when deciding on the development and reissue of individual parts.”