Land Rovers plan to restore sales and fiscal health in the next few years – and set out on the right low-carbon path – sounds plausible, given how much it accomplished in the decade of Tatas ownership just ended.

In many of those years, it achieved extraordinary sales, quickly switched to engines of its own manufacture and is finding ways to counteract the disappearance of diesel.

But great challenges lie ahead. The company has just laid off more than 4,500 people, many of whom were technical experts. Who is creating the new electrified solutions that will be needed at a higher level than ever before? Did the engineers who left finish their work before turning off the lights?

The other great challenge of Land Rover is the quality of the construction. The company has never come out of the stagnation of quality. In addition, it faces a new era of technical complexity. Will new customers continue to forgive the lack of reliability the way loyal customers have always done?

Rumors persist that big corporate suitors see JLR as a primary acquisition target and that, as the companys future hurdle rises, it is difficult to resist the truth of that.

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