Hello everyone, this is Miguel.
Today we are going to make an exception and we are going to talk about a new service necessary for when you buy or sell a registered vehicle. It is very important to change the ownership of the vehicle (motorcycles, cars, boats …) if you want to drive legally. In addition, we met them at an event at the Ifema in Madrid and we really liked the team, the philosophy and the problem they are solving. Do you want to know a little more? I attach the TV spot below to make everything a little clearer.

What is transfer24 and what can they do for me?

Nowadays this procedure is simple, but it can be complex when there are problems regarding inheritances, domain reservations and so on. We can do all this at the DGT but it is very complex on occasions and in large cities such as Barcelona or Madrid to get an appointment in advance. For this reason this type of service is more than recommended.
Okay, Miguel, where do we start?
First of all you should know the status of our vehicle, a procedure that you must apply to the DGT. These guys have thought it all over and besides offering you this service of vehicle reports of tf24, you can also consult it the year of registration of the vehicle for free, do not be fooled!
caption wp-image-1783″ src=”https://noticiadeportiva.es/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/calculo-matricula-vehiculo-300×67.png” alt=”calculo-matricula-vehiculo” height=”160″ /> Calculation of the registration number of the vehicle in a short time, open calculator[/caption]

To find out the year of your vehicles registration number, you can do it from here.

Once we have the report of our vehicle we must present the corresponding procedure in Traffic, we always recommend to be helped by professionals, in this case transfer24, connect with all the agencies of Spain, so a professional will always look after your management this is important sirs!

What documentation is required to transfer any vehicle?

Whichever option you choose to submit your documentation, you must have the following documents:

  • Vehicle tax completed and paid.
  • Vehicle registration certificate in good standing.
  • Application form for change of ownership of the completed vehicle.
  • DNI, housing card, passport or license of the buyer and seller.
  • Proof of payment of the Transfer Tax in the Community
  • Autonomous where you live.
  • A contract signed by both parties.

How does the transfer24 work?

Youre probably wondering how the transfer24 is going. Its operation is simple since its page has a practical design and with simple instructions to continue. Attached is the tutorial of their website:
The system of the transfer24 guides the user step by step through the entire process, thus achieving the change of the owner of a car, motorcycle or moped. This company takes charge of managing:
To finish you will have to sign the operation in the device in your screen. The last step is to pay the amount of the transfer, which must be done with a debit or credit card.
When you have finished the registration you will receive the professional voucher to be able to circulate and a courier will come to your home to collect the documentation. In general, the new Circulation Permit will be ready within 15 days. As a transfer24 user, you can continuously monitor the status of your administration.

What else do I need to know?

Simple, you have to bear in mind that to calculate the vehicle transfer the platforms use official data from the Treasury and the prices do not depend on them. The Transfer Tax or ITP is compulsory when transferring a motorbike, moped or second-hand vehicle. In general, the transfer costs are paid by the buyer, however this can be negotiated between the two parties.
Thats it, you know… “If you have just bought or sold your car” transfer24 is your portal.
See you in the next review.

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