Drivers in the North East of England enjoy the best conditions for driving, with fewer delays, quieter roads and cheaper fuel than the rest of the UK.

Studies by commercial vehicle leasing company Crusader Vans show that travellers in the region experience an average daily delay of only eight minutes, compared to 25 for drivers in London.

This comparative predictability means that the average travel time in the region is only 24 minutes, i.e. two minutes below the national average and 14 minutes less than in the capital. Travellers in Scotland, Wales and the East Midlands enjoy equally short travel times.

London motorists also lose out on fuel prices; the average cost to the whole city is £1.31 per litre, but the difficulty of driving in the area means that Londoners spend only £505 per year on petrol or diesel.

Wales and the South East have less expensive pumps, but drivers spend more time at the wheel, resulting in an annual fuel cost of over £770.

Owners in the area pay £543 a year, less than half of the £1098 paid by London residents.

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