Instead of using the Clios cheapest and simplest conventional hybrid system, the Megan will use a more advanced plug-in powertrain. It will use a turbocharged gasoline engine with a new electric motor system, which is expected to be coupled to an innovative clutchless transmission instead of the more typical CVT.

It will be similar to the system launched on the next Captur SUV, and should allow a full electric range of about 30 miles. We can see that this prototype has a charging cap on the left side of the car, which complements the fuel tank on the right side.

The hybrid will be placed next to a well-known range of petrol and diesel engines, including the new turbocharged 1.0 and 1.3 litre units found in all types of vehicles, from the new Clio to (in its 1.3 litre form) the Mercedes A-Class. A range of diesel is also included.

In addition to powertrain additions, expect a sleeker interior with higher quality materials, better information and new digital dials, along with an improved set of driver assistance features.

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