The 718 Spyder is, being a soft top, less aerodynamically efficient. However, it uses a rear spoiler that rises to 74 miles per hour and is the first Boxster to have a rear diffuser and generate downward force on the rear axle. The bell itself, which continues the distinctive look of the previous Spyders, is still operated manually. Porsche says it can be stored in “just a few steps”.

Chassis: shared between the two for the first time

Unlike previous generations of Spyder and GT4, both cars now have the same GT chassis underneath. The front and rear axles with competition-inspired shock absorbers and struts, along with a Porsche Active Suspension Management damping system that is 30 mm lower than the standard variants. It is said to be “specifically designed for use on racetracks”.

The Porsche Stability Management System (PSM) has been modified to make it less annoying, and the torque vectoring is done by a mechanical locking of the rear differential. Both also have the option of a ceramic braking system, together with the fixed monobloc aluminium caliper system centred on the standard rail. The 718 Spyder also uses the same high-performance Porsche-specific tyres, manufactured by Michelin, as the GT4.

Porsche claims that the modifications and additional power allow the Cayman GT4 to run the Nürburgring Nordschleife more than 10 seconds faster than its predecessor.

The firm has not published specific details about the interior of either car beyond the images seen here. But it is clear that the new GT4 retains many details of the previous version, including fabric door handles instead of traditional handles, colored body safety belts and the removal of the information and entertainment system, which in the old car could be reinstalled as a free option. The Spyder, on the other hand, seems to retain the standard door handles and its information and entertainment system. Each has plenty of Alcantara.

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