Mini$0027s first all-production electric car, the Mini Cooper S E, has been virtually spied on without disguise during a photo shoot prior to its release later this year.

As first revealed by Autocar, the British brand$0027s first production model of electric batteries will be a hot hatch with copper plate, to reflect its heritage of performance. It will be based on the Mini 3dr hatchback, with the 181 HP electric powertrain taken from the BMW i3.

Previously spied on in a camouflage livery, the machine has been captured during what appears to be an official photo shoot event in the U.S. and confirms that the EV will closely follow the standard Mini design.

The biggest difference is the closed grille, a revised rear and new wheel designs. The photos also show that the charging port is configured to be located in the same place as the fuel tank in the standard Mini. The pictures also show that the Mini Union flag lights will remain in place on the electric vehicle.

The SUKL1 platform of the three-door Mini saloon was not originally designed with an all-electric model in mind, so it has been adapted to suit the technology.

The BMW i3 S$0027s 181 bhp electric motor will power the new Mini, meaning it won$0027t give much of itself to the Cooper S$0027s 189 bhp 2.0-litre engine. The added weight of the batteries will be largely offset by instant torque and lack of gears, which means similar acceleration times.

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