Also in 2017 came the hardtop RF (for retractable fastback). Its removable central section leaves the rear buttresses intact. Its more comfortable and quiet on a cruise, but its heavier, more expensive and, for these eyes, not so pretty.

In 2018, the argument for buying the 2.0-liter Sport became even stronger as its rev limit increased by 700rpm and power rose to 181bhp, reducing the 0-62mph time by almost a second to 6.5sec. Meanwhile, in all versions the steering wheel became telescopically adjustable.

I recently purchased a used, pre-registered and approved 2018/68-reg 2.0 184 sports convertible with 500 miles on the watch. Finished in Grey Machine costs 21,500 pounds sterling, or 4,250 pounds sterling less than the new no discount price.

Since then I have noticed that the radiator is dented and the rear wing shows evidence of a small paint repair – stains that were not revealed when I bought it. The back license plate was also delaminated, and I had to buy carpets for the car. Experience shows that approved used schemes still have a way to go, but as a way to avoid leeches, a used MX-5 Mk4 is definitely the way to go.

Need to know

If its going to be your only car, keep in mind that motorway trips can be some kind of task in the convertible. Youll want 2.0 liters for these, but whatever engine you choose, be prepared for road noise at a heroic level.

If youre parking it outside and dont have a place to take shelter, consider getting a hood cover. It sounds silly, but an MX-5 is such a sweet car that youll want to do everything you can to protect it from the worst the elements can throw at it. It also helps keep it safer.

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