The original 335 bhp 3.0 supercharged V6 is practical and economical enough, but the more powerful 375 bhp S version is the one youll want to have bought. It costs around £3,000 more, but complements the cars standard sports suspension, partial leather upholstery and steering wheel paddles with a sports exhaust, adaptive suspension and limited slip mechanical differential.

You want an electronic differential? You need the 488bhp 5.0 V8 S convertible. The cheapest we found was a 2013/13-reg with 27,000 miles and a full service history of Jaguar for £35,000. The coupe version was called R and had 542bhp. Pay from around £39,000 in early 2013/13 with 40,000 miles. This engine is what its all about and why youve been saving all these years.

The all-terrain SVR, with an improved chassis and many aerodynamic features, arrived in 2016. Today, prices start at around £65,000, more a reflection of its low mileage than anything else. In fact, low mileage is a feature of the F types used. Perhaps the owners have something more practical in the garage…

In 2017, the F-Type got its first facelift and a couple of new versions. The launch edition of the 400 was based on the V6 coupe and convertible, with two or four-wheel drive. We commend its near-perfect configuration and specifications. We found a 2017/17 with 27,000 miles per 47,000 pounds.

The great novelty, however, was the arrival of the little brother of the F-Type, the 296bhp 2.0 liters. It doesnt wake up neighbors like its more robust brothers, but is lighter standing and of great value. How about 36,950 pounds for a 2018/67 with 10,000 miles?

From 2018, the F-Type emblem was modified so that the 2.0-litre emblem would become the P300, the basic V6 the P340 and the V6 S the P380. The 5.0-litre engines have not changed. Another thing that remained the same was the pure charisma of Type F. On this side of an Aston Martin, nothing can touch it.

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