AC Cars has started taking orders for a limited-run continuation of the Ace, which could be the firm’s final model to use a petrol engine. 

Named the Ace RS, the sports car is powered by a lightweight 2.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that produces 350bhp and 324lb ft of torque.

AC says it can achieve a 0-62mph sprint in 5.8sec, which is just 0.3sec slower than the Ace RS Electric. 

The Ace RS features a paintwork design with blue, red and white stripes stretched down the bonnet and a Union Jack on each door.

“The new AC Ace RS may well be the last ever new AC model to be powered by a petrol engine,” said company CEO Alan Lubinsky. “Already, virtually every one of our current model range offers an electric driveline as we at AC lead the sports car industry into greener territory.”

Despite the character and historic appeal of the petrol-powered Ace, which was originally produced from 1953 to 1963, AC isn’t worried about the shift to EVs. 

“Our move to electric power has proved to be more important for the brand than anything else we’ve attempted before,” Lubinsky said at the launch of the Ace RS Electric earlier this year.

“The combination of our pedigree with a new, fully electric drivetrain means we’re ready to offer brand-new cars that are undeniably historic in character yet thoroughly modern in their powertrain and performance.”

The Ace RS retains its similarities to the original Ace, with an overall weight of 1000kg and an identical appearance. It costs from £89,500, with deliveries expected to commence in summer 2022.