The Icon E Concept is also a tribute to the chief designers of Mercedes history: Paul Bracq, who designed the original W115, and Bruno Sacco, who served as chief designer between 1975 and 1999.

While Obendorfer works for a design studio, his automobile redesigns are largely personal projects. That said, one of his creations, a Citroën Type H inspired bodywork for the Citroën Relay van, went into production a couple of years ago.

All of Obendorfers automotive concepts aim to reimagine the classic design of the iconic cars of decades ago, such as Renault 4 and Fiat 600.

Although it is tempting to use the word “retro” to describe his designs, Obendorfer himself considers the term with some scrutiny, pointing out: “They are interpretations obtained through a creative process, similar to any new model. From the designers point of view, its easy to see that the retro as such doesnt even exist.

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