Moers confirmed that the AMG V8 brand will become a hybrid in its next generation, stating that “we are not going to increase the power of the V8 in the future” beyond the 630 bhp it currently offers. To go further, the system will be coupled to a plug-in hybrid with an electric rear axle.

Such a system will first debut in a hybrid version of the AMG GT 4-Door, Moers confirmed, making it a rival to the Porsche Panamera S-E Hybrid. It is scheduled to arrive next year.

Moers also revealed that there will be no more V12 engines in the Mercedes-AMG range beyond the final edition of the S65, revealed at the Geneva trade fair: “We are still responsible for the V12s, perhaps Maybach will use them in the next generation S-Class, but not in the AMG. To have a competitive high-power V12 would be a new engine, and in the new times there is no room to do so.

Imminent emissions regulations mean that the future of the V8 in some smaller variants is under threat, with the next C63 looking more likely to use a small, turbocharged six-cylinder unit. When asked about that, Moers stopped and said, “Theres room for speculation.”

Despite previous plans to revive the SLC as a rival Porsche Boxster sports car, Moers said Mercedes-AMG “is not capable of doing so.

“I know that companies trying to exercise accessible sports cars in that 40,000 euro (£34,000) segment are not doing very well. Its a question mark for the future,” he said.

AMG is focusing its resources on the next generation of SL, which Moers confirmed will be developed by the performance division and will share its platform with the next AMG GT.

“We are focused on SL for the future,” he said. “A totally different car. Its a sports car. The company has been running at full capacity for two years on that program. Its a shared platform between GT and SL.

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