The show is not until July 20, but I mention it now because entries for the contest close at the end of this month. So if your car is one of the 50 most beautiful old cars in the area, ask for an application.

Ive been worried about the amount of BMW in the latest Toyota Supra, the new coupe tested by Andrew Frankel, whose verdict will be infallible as always.

The fact is theres a lot of BMWs in it, and a lot is visible. Andrew isnt the only one who finds BMWs set of switches strange. I believed it too, when I spent some time on one a few months ago, although at that time most of it was hidden behind enough carpet to store a discount store.

And theres more. Toyotas development could have gone its own way once the tough engineering and design issues had been decided, but dont doubt who decided most of those issues. The Supra can only exist because the Z4 does. It would be better if you didnt remember that so much. Entering a Supra this week, I still felt the same sense of oddity as I did a few months ago.

But Ive come to decide that Im okay with it. Partly because Ive tried a Toyota information and entertainment system. But mostly because Id rather have a Supra for sale than not. And its not like the latter is as iconic as it is sometimes described. I remember a car competition of the year back then that said something like “some of us value it, some of us dont”.

So thats what it is. I want there to be one faster. I want there to be a slower, manual and lighter one with thinner tyres. And I want one with more sports suspension. But more than anything, I want a Supra, and the simple fact is that there can be one now.


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How much nostalgia is too much?

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