The Qashqais steering is too light in its normal configuration, and the noticeable body sway discourages driving in the right mood. Nissans information and entertainment system is also beginning to lag behind. Overall, however, the Qashqai remains very competitive in this segment and highly recommended.

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5. Toyota C-HR

Gone are the days of boring, boring-looking crosses. Stylistically, the Toyota C-HR is a breath of fresh air in the segment. Even alongside more athletic rivals like the Ateca, it stands out. It also has the handling to back up those sporty looks.

However, its hybrid powertrain is a bit cowardly, especially for a car of this size; a diesel offer would have done well here. And while that sloping roof line can look great, it eats up the back space of the head. Toyotas information and entertainment system is also deficient compared to its rivals.

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6. Renault Kadjar

Although it does not have the same rank as the Nissan Qashqai to which it is closely related, Renault Kadjar remains a competent and friendly competitor.

It is comparatively less expensive than its brother Nissan in the entire range, and with plenty of interior space is well suited for family life. It drives comfortably, even if its not the most attractive ox.

A recent makeover has also somewhat revamped the exterior, while a redesigned cab adds an additional touch of attractiveness, although it is not yet as good as that of its Volkswagen Group counterparts. The cutting hierarchy has also been simplified, while a powerful new 1.3-litre petrol engine is also a good addition to the range.

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