Racing team and tuner Lanzante will produce seven McLaren conversions to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its 1995 Le Mans win with the firm’s F1 GTR.

Lanzante will create one ‘LM 25’ car for each model in McLaren’s current line-up, upgrading the supercars with an F1 GTR-inspired grey livery, five-spoke carbon wheels with gold brake calipers and faded number 59 decals, referencing the race number of the Le Mans-winning car.

The LM 25s receive gold ceramic-coated heat shields and a key with the LM 25 logo, gold switches and pedals and a red and blue racing harness that mimics the F1 GTR’s. To shed weight, Lanzante will also replace McLaren’s seats with ultra-lightweight LM 25-imprinted alternatives.

Lanzante has so far named six models that will be converted: the Senna GTR, Senna, 765 LT Coupé and Spider and the 600 LT Coupé and Spider. The base car for the seventh and final LM 25 will be revealed later this year. All examples retain the powertrains of the models on which they are based.

A spokesman for Lanzante told Autocar that the first McLaren to receive the LM 25 package will be the 600 LT Spider, which the company will begin working on “in about 10 days’ time”. Lanzante says it has already received orders for three other conversions but is tight-lipped about which models these are based on.

Lanzante expects the LM 25 conversions, which are available from £120,000 (plus tax) on top of the price of each base car, to be allocated by the end of the year. The conversions take approximately three months.


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