A 4×4 may be an inappropriate purchase but, in our case, it counts as big. The best thing is to go for a square piece of wonder that is not a Defender. No, a Cherokee Jeep from the 90s is a sticky constructed expression of the original SUV culture. The great thing is that you can get a 1995 2.5 TD Sport for less than £1000 now. Not all of them are in great nick, but one of their vehicles always becomes a project anyway.

How about a car that doesnt have to pay that annoying tax? It could even go up in value. A 1972 Lada Vaz 2101 captivated me. It needs a little interference (but not that much) and its £1200. It seemed pretty tidy and all of a sudden Ive only spent £3690, I havent bought a real sports car and I already have two that need a little attention.

Well, that wasnt how I planned it, but you know what? Thats how even the most modest car collections come into being.

What we almost bought this week

Ford Cortina 1.6 L: Could you resist a Mint Mk5 Cortina from the days when saloons dominated the henhouse and SUVs were things that Americans drove? It is the basis of the L specification, the basic product of the sales representatives of the 1980s and in 1981, when this, Britains best-selling new car, was registered. We love its orange paint and contrasting beige fabric interior. It has a new ITV with no warnings.

Tales from Rupperts garage

Mini Cooper, mileage – 102,618: The Mini Cooper is a small, noisy car from more than half a century ago. When I remember this, or just drive the thing as if it was the last time Im allowed to, I dont mind paying £824.62 to improve it. This included many small parts, from hoses to bolts and clips, plus a colossal amount of work. Oh, and plenty of gasoline, as well as all the usual fluids. It was worth it.

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