It is a good time to buy an XJ 2.7 TDVi or two as an example from 2006 with just over 100,000 miles is £4,500 and falling. These are not dirty private sales, but from car dealerships with warranties and include examples of long base executive specifications. If thats a little rich, drop a zero and for £450 a Renault Clio 2005 1.5 dCi Expression with an ITV in operation is yours. It offers minimal cost EV levels but with a stress-free range. It will always be worth nothing, or something, as long as you are still in roadworthy condition.

Otherwise, the short-term future appears to be more electrified, as long as you can afford the very high cost of buying an all-electric or hybrid vehicle. Unless you have to worry about congested areas, use diesel or smaller gasoline. Depreciation is always the buyers friend of the used car, although, as always, its still profitable to buy carefully.

What we almost bought this week

Honda CRX Mk3: Its not a patch on its predecessor, the CRX Mk2, but were thinking of a classic future here. Its rare, its a sports car, of some kind, and it has some novel features, like its Transtop electric roof. We saw a private ad for 1997 P-reg 1.6 ESI with 140,000 miles, a working roof and a long ITV for £1650. Well only kick ourselves later…

Tales from Rupperts garage

Land Rover Series 3, mileage – 129,903: There I was filling up with gasoline and something fell into my hand: the gas cap. Thats normal, except its usually attached to the car by a chain so as not to lose it in the jungle. After 35 years, he was no longer linked, which I suppose is a kind of record for a Land Rover.

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