The Civic Type S is in the lead at the moment, then, and with the left-hand-drive Kia Optima due to find a new home soon, a dealer visit is in the pipeline to see it in the metal. I will let you know what happens.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Porsche Cayenne, mileage – 112,687 

You don’t hear much about the Flying Pig, which I would argue is a very good thing – especially for my bank balance. Anyway, its MOT isn’t far off, and as I’ve explained recently, I’ve created an MOTpocalypse by stupidly leaving the majority of garage visits to the end of the year. Apart from the odd random warning light, which always goes out, there seem to be no problems. That’s not what a Porsche agent said more than two years ago, when there was some recall work. Apparently, it needed also sorts of expensive attention, yet it has been consistently roadworthy and reliable. Long may that continue.

Readers’ questions

Question: One of my car’s rear lights is currently not functioning. Is it still legal to drive on the road, even during the day? Emma Hoxton, Loughborough