I certainly didnt expect to end up in the classic Jaguar lot, but this is the advantage of looking for used cars, even with an agenda. Certainly, if youre behind a car with an inappropriately large engine to fight the gloomy dead hand of bureaucracy, do it on one of those. In addition, you would handle it within legal limits like an old man. Because I am.

What we almost bought this week

VW Santana GX5: The Santana from 1981 to 1988 was an old and beautiful thing but never noticed. The GX5 used a 2.0-liter, five-cylinder engine from the Audi Coupé. This salesman wants 725 pounds sterling for his 1982 Y-reg example with only 54,000 miles and one year of ITV. He beats another guy who wants 12,345 pounds sterling for his tattoo, 110,000 miles, barn-find GX5 from 1983.

Tales from Rupperts garage

Volkswagen Golf – mileage, 49.881: Gordon the Golf was for a late service and his first MOT. The big news is that it happened, but it needed a couple of new tires. I opted for the frontline Michelins, which were the most expensive part of the garage visit at just over £150. The side note is that the 21-year-old needed a set of wheels to get to work and flatly rejected my varied collection of classics. He wanted Moms Cayenne. The insurer offered four days of coverage for £50. Its cheaper than hiring a crash.

From A to Z Bangerpedia

K is for Ford Ka: The Ka is here mainly because of the fact that you can buy a decent one for less than a thousand dollars, so in these difficult times when you need something for the season and the supermarket and dont want to worry about parking dents or exorbitant costs, its ideal.

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