In an exclusive interview with Autocar Indiarently, Tavares was asked about the companys sintering in Jaguar Land Rover. He said it would be good for PSA to have a luxury brand, and that the company was “considering every opportunity,” adding that he would be interested “as long as its not a distraction.

Tavares said there havent been any discussions with Tata Motors about the Jaguar Land Rover yet. He also said that “we dont have a specific objective, but if there are opportunities, of course we will take that into account.

When asked about the possibility of adding a luxury brand that fits the DS, Tavares said, “Why not? Why shouldnt we discuss it? It depends on the kind of value creation we can generate.

The Jaguar Land Rover has been affected in recent months by the fall in demand for diesel and the decline in the Chinese market. Recent heavy losses, including a reduction in assets, also caused the Tata Group to record a quarterly loss.

Tavares cited PSAs success in turning around Vauxhall/Opel, which made its first profit in 20 years recently, suggesting that it could have a similar impact on the struggling British company: “With Opel, we have shown that we can turn around a company that was in the red for 20 years, in 12 months. So this is something we know how to do.

Tavares said the groups current focus was on its “Push to Pass” strategic growth strategy to expand the companys global presence, including expansion into the U.S., Russian and Indian markets.

In a statement to Autocar India after its interview with Tavares, Tata Motors said that Jaguar Land Rover was not for sale. Following Jaguar Land Rovers losses in 2018, Tatas boss had previously stated his commitment to the company.

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