Matt Saunders: “Having talked to people who know more about ISA than ordinary citizens, Im sure the fears of car enthusiasts are unfounded. The technology will need a good mobile data connection and clear and regular signalling of speed limits in order to work reliably in an “always on” state. While it may affect my daily commute, I dont see how much it will affect those remote and poorly signposted roads on which the best hard drives are found. So my advice for enjoying your automotive life after ISA is simply to look for the road less traveled.

Colin Goodwin: “For me, high-speed motoring died years ago, even on the continent. The big fines, the prospect of a confiscated car and, worse still, prison, have slowed me down. So it will be easy for me to live with the ISA. Ill build an Austin Seven special in which Ill scare myself out of the national speed limit. I will fly my plane at 200 mph, 50 feet above the sea. And I will ride motorcycles, the most beautiful of all motorized hobbies. I have it all planned.

Steve Cropley: “Seeing the brave new world of limited speed ahead, I think I could be one of the lucky ones. People like me enjoy at least as much the quality of a cars progress as its pace. I almost always obey speed limits and drive very slowly, although occasionally I run a little when I feel like it, when I judge it to be safe and nobody looks at me. Ill probably keep doing things the same way.

Can you drive with an ISA system and still have fun?

We asked Shaun Cronin, IAM Road Smart instructor and regional manager, and a former police driver with 20 years of experience, to try an ISA-equipped Ford Focus. Could he still have fun behind the wheel?

“So here I am, behind a car on a country road with a speed limit of 60 mph. Im holding back and coming out for a better view, instead of sitting too close and getting into a box. The road is clear and Im not.

“For me, joy comes from the corners, so we go through a series of S-curves, slower than the speed limit, but fast enough. [It was very fast – JE.]

“We are now following a road with gentle curves, potholes and ridges, making 50 mph in an area of 60 mph. Its fast enough and still fun. If people want the thrill of speed, pull out a road map and find some good curves.

“All the time, Im on the lookout for turns, secondary roads and clues to whats around the corner. Where its safe, I open the way, using every inch of space to put myself in the right position.

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