Moers picks a sensibly cautious braking point for Molecomb – “the place where everyone crashes” as he said before the run – and the Valkyrie takes the corner without drama. But there’s more excitement at the fast right-left kink that follows, next to the infamous stone wall. The transition between the two turns brings the unmistakable sensation of oversteer and Moers is busy with an urgent dose of opposite lock. My heartrate peaks.

Unsurprisingly, we take things easier from then on, Moers working the engine hard in lower gears to please the crowd, but keeping speeds well short of what the car could doubtless do. We’re not being timed so the Valkyrie can’t win anything. But it could definitely lose spectacularly with a highly public off, especially with the boss driving.

The top of the Hill and the turn-around area brings elation, Moers is actually laughing as he pulls off his helmet for what will be his only drive of the Valkyrie here.

“It’s an unbelievable car. If you drive it somewhere like Silverstone you can push much harder, you can’t do that here of course,” he says, “traction is an issue, it’s true – you felt that – but handling is amazing. I never thought it would be so easy, I expected a really tricky thing to drive, but it’s smooth even if it oversteers. There’s no snap in the car.”