Ferrari’s first electric car is likely to use technology taken from the new SF90, which pairs a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 with a trio of electric motors for a combined power output of 986bhp – making it Ferrari’s most powerful road car yet. 

At the SF90’s launch last year, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri called it “the first step in a direction that Ferrari will enter in unwavering focus and confidence”. 

In August 2019, the firm’s chief technology officer Michael Leiters explained to Autocar that keeping weight down and ensuring a high top speed were priorities for any Ferrari EV. 

“Right now, the technology is not mature enough”, he said. “Look at customer requirements: the most important thing is sound. Today, there is also a problem on range, which for a sports car really is a problem. The range of an electric car is especially so if you accelerate or go with high speed.”

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