Whats it feel like?

All very intelligent, actually. The new design touches inside and out to ensure that the Stepway Sandal looks quite elegant, and that it is relatively comfortable inside. The perceived quality cant match more eye-catching rivals, but the cockpit is a comfortable, uncomplicated place to spend time.

Underneath all the frills, the Stepway Sandero has not changed with respect to the previous versions, which means that you still have the mechanics of a Renault Clio from the previous generation.

It demonstrates in terms of refinement, that it cannot match the best of the class in the rows of the supermini or the compact SUVs. That said, driving and handling are decent, with little to cause complaints. Steering is pleasantly direct, take curves with confidence, and driving is generally good.

As noted above, the slightly extra height of the Stepway seems to benefit the Sandero, with the increased suspension travel offering better handling.

The three-cylinder turbo-charged 89 bhp engine hasnt changed either and offers modest performance, as might be expected, given the cars relatively modest price. However, it can progress quickly and, despite its small capacity, can be maintained at highway speeds.

The roots of the cars budget are shown a little more in the gearbox, which is a little more rudimentary. But once you get used to it, and with expectations at bay, theres little that makes you complain too much.

Should I buy one?

If youre considering a Sandero, unless the budget is really a problem, we recommend the Stepway SUV: its better value for money, and has a wider range of capabilities.

It is not so clear whether it should be stretched for the Techroad edition. It has a premium of £660 over the Comfort finish, and the only real difference between the two is a reversing camera and the new Techroad finish blinks.

So while the Stepway Techroad Sandal is, with expectations controlled, a relative bargain, one can say that there is a better value that can be found a little further down the range.

Technical specifications of Dacia Sandero

Where Sussex, United Kingdom Price £11,660 On sale Now Engine 3-cylinder, 898cc, turbocharged petrol Power 89bhp at 5000rpm Torque 103lb ft at 2250rpm Gearbox 5-spd manual Weight in running order 1023kg Maximum speed 104mph 0-62mph 11.1seg Fuel consumption 42,2-45,6mpg CO2 127g/km Rivals Hyundai i20 Active, Ford Fiesta Active

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