McLaren gives customers what they want

McLarens Special Operations department has tripled its business in the past two years, and CEO Mike Flewitt sees no reason why that trajectory should not continue. “Were seeing again with Speedtail that people who buy exclusive cars want them to be individual,” he said. “Our bespoke content offering is reaching new heights.”

Do governments make autonomy a no-go?

Peter Bedrosian, head of product planning at Nissan Europe, says it is government legislation, not technology, that is holding back the advance of autonomous vehicles. “It is not knowledge that is holding us back, but many policies need to be changed before level three and above autonomy is introduced,” he said. “It requires a big change in legislation and infrastructure, because it profoundly changes cars. We will be ready for level three by 2019 and, depending on the policies, by 2020 for level four and above.

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