As head of the engineering firm Prodrive and president of Motorsport UK, Richards uses his extensive influence to ensure that car racing remains exciting, unpredictable and impressive for competitors and spectators alike.

Paul Van der Burgh, GB Managing Director, Toyota

The widespread enthusiasm for the new Supra, RAV4 and Corolla is emblematic of Toyotas recent reinvention as a brand, and responsible for its new success in the UK is Paul Van der Burgh.

Toyota has been leading the hybridisation process for years, and with Paul behind the wheel in the UK, it is sure to be a breeze in the years to come.

Used car Hero

Volkswagen Golf

There is a sweet spot in the used car market where you can have a relatively new engine without having to endure the impact of the initial depreciation. Earlier this year, our used car expert James Ruppert, with the help of our expert readers, drew up a list of almost new best deals, with Golf in first place.

An elegant and versatile family car that has been on sale for almost half a century, Golf continues to carry a large number of Britons from A to B every day.

Volkswagen Golf Coach Review

Best Affordable Drivers Car

Ford Fiesta ST

At the end of last year, we organised a showdown to find out which sports car under £30,000 offers buyers the best combination of practicality and performance.

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