“Find me a pick-up for less than £20,000, but make it properly cool.”

Land Rover Series 1, £18,450, vs Ford Ranchero GT Torino, £20,000

Oliver Young: Starsky and Hutch would be mighty proud of my choice. It’s a Ford Ranchero, a muscle-car-based pick-up that ticks all the cool car boxes. Is it a head-turning classic? It hails from the ’70s, so of course it is. Does it have a charismatic engine? Its American V8 is positively overflowing with charm and charisma. Could it be the star car of a Hollywood movie? With such road presence, I wouldn’t be surprised if LA comes calling. All this in a practical pick-up. It’s incredible. 

Mark Pearson: What on earth is that? Oh, well. At least I’ve chosen James a cultured, subtle and thoroughly practical pick-up. This lovely 1951 Landie is desperately cool and a thing of beauty: it’s great to drive, refined, spacious, economical and supremely practical. In fact, it’s one of the best cars ever made. And it’ll appreciate in value. 

OY: It’s barely a pick-up, Mark. Plus, it looks like a death machine. I imagine a pothole is enough to cause catastrophe. Does that sound cool to you? 

MP: You’re being very harsh on my Landie. It’s a luxury convertible really, like a Mercedes SL. And with its Lexus-like ride, you won’t be troubled by potholes.