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Rover SD1 3.5 V8: One of our numbers remembers, in 1985, seeing his boss driving his brilliant beige SD1 inside the company parking lot, locking the car and, as he drove away, looking back to savor his elegant form for the last time. Our colleague laughed then, but is not laughing now. What he would give for having this 1986 SD1 3.5 V8 Vanden Plas, finished in Silver Birth and with a blue velvet interior, at his entrance now. It belonged to an enthusiastic member of the SD1 club and has an extensive service history. He made £6600 in an auction, a cutout for something so charismatic, elegant and opulent. Its worth looking back any day.

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BMW M140i 5dr Nav Auto, new price – £34,475, price now – £29,500: Hurry up and maybe you can catch the last unsold BMW M140i, maybe even a Championship Edition, before stocks run out. BMW has stopped manufacturing it before production following its replacement, the M135i xDrive, in July. Cant find an unsold M140i? Then try a pre-registration, like the one we found. Its a 2019/68-reg car in an elegant black color with a measly 150 miles on the clock (fingers crossed, theyve been gentle). There was only one available the last time we looked, so its really about getting it while you can.

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Summary: Find me an innovative car to delight and surprise my friends for less than £5000.

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