Mercedes-Benz R-Class, £10,980: With the versatility of minivans, four-wheel-drive capability, practicality of ownership and comfort in the saloon, the R-Class had an answer for just about anything. This 2011/61-reg seven seater R350 CDI car with 100,000 miles and the full history of Merc is less than £11,000.

Fiat Panda 4×4, £11,695: The basic Panda is shaded by modern food, but few cars can compete with the 4×4 version. It is short and light, with an engine arranged and runs in circles around more “gung-ho” alternatives. This 2016/16-reg 1.3 gasoline has 20,000 miles and all the trimmings.

Peugeot 1.6 RCZ, £3980: The R version stole the headlines, but the concept-car look of the RCZ means that a Sport 1.6 still catches the eye. This 2010/10-reg car with full history has done 115,000 miles. Keep in mind that diesel versions can have potentially expensive problems lurking.

BMW X6 4.4 M, £23.495: His sensible side says not to pay attention to the X6, but theres no denying that this 2011/61-reg 4.4 V8 M with all the history of BMW and only 65,000 miles seems fun. The 0-62 mph sprint passes in less than five seconds. On the other hand, the road tax is £570.

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