Land Rover Defender 50th Anniversary, £32,995: Possibly the most civilised Defender bar the latest, this 50th Anniversary edition comes with the enlarged 4.0-litre Rover V8, an auto gearbox and factory-fitted air-con. Only a few hundred were sold here, making this 72k-mile Defender rather rare.

What we almost bought this week

Vauxhall Calibra V6: It’s good to see that at least one Calibra V6 hasn’t lost its engine to another Vauxhall in some dodgy DIY swap. Sadly, this example has a four-speed automatic gearbox rather than a manual, but it’s a tidy two-owner car and still a nice thing to behold, particularly its oh-so-’90s LCD trip computer. The seller is asking £3950 for it.

Auction watch

Opel GT: This rather cute 1969 Opel GT is a curious mix of humble Kadet mechanicals, US-inspired styling and French manufacturing. It was a far sleeker-looking machine than the MGB GT, which had been around since 1965, and featured such novelties as a transverse leaf spring in the rear suspension, just like the Corvette that influenced the front-end design and tail-lights. The pop-up headlights are purely mechanical in operation via a lever inside. It’s not the mechanism you need to worry about, more the wiring behind it since it can be a fire hazard, but hopefully this was checked as part of the £6000 rolling restoration this Signal Blue car has been subjected to. It was imported to the UK in 2019 and its new owner paid £12,650 for it at auction.