The Gran Coupé engine range will reflect the rest of the 8 Series range, with a 316 bhp840d diesel entry point and 532 bhpM850i xDrive, both available from launch. Later, a star version of the M8 will be offered, with a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing more than 600 hp.

It is not yet clear whether the even more powerful M8 Competition will be transferred to the four-door form, but it is likely. At the bottom of the range, we should see a low-powered petrol model that will finally be offered, as well as some form of hybrid at a later date.

The two-door 840d is priced at £76,000, so the equivalent Gran Coupé is expected to approach £80,000. With a revelation planned for the coming weeks, we can expect the first UKcars to arrive before 2019.

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